QUEST ON — Mad Max is a unique action game
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Sleek & Beautiful

Sleek & Beautiful

Action Quest

Action quest is a new type of active entertainments, in which the participants should take agility, power and speed challenges as well as solve tricky riddles. The faster and more coherently you work in team, the more score you can gain!

Sleek & Beautiful

What is it?

13 game zones with tasks on power, agility, speed and sagacity. The aim of the game is to escape the room in minimal time. You will be surrounded by steampunk atmosphere. You can overcome t he obstacles only working in team. Try to perform the best result among other teams!

Sleek & Beautiful

What do the participants need?

Minimal physical preparation. Sport clothes and changeable shoes. You can change your clothes in dressing room. Team work. Good mood.

Sleek & Beautiful


Original decorations in post apocalypse style.

Sleek & Beautiful


Use the whole capacity of your potential. But you can hardly do that without a team work.

Sleek & Beautiful


Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Sleek & Beautiful


When was the last time you were encased?

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How to find us:
Kiev, M. Boichuka 1/2
(Kikvidze street 1/2) (entrance from the yard)